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Master media interviews with our experienced journalist trainers

so much more impactful & realistic than any other media training i’ve had.

Training participant

Giving a media interview can be a daunting prospect. How do you get across what you want to say? How do you handle those tricky questions?

Our realistic media training workshops, led by experienced and current journalists, equip spokespeople with the skills and confidence to face reporters through training that focuses on practical learning.

Whether giving interviews is something completely new, or it’s about brushing up on existing skills, our training is tailored around individual needs and the kind of media and content platforms being targeted.

Many of the skills are transferrable to corporate video and social media contributions, as well as podcasts.

We also provide bespoke presentation skills training, for delivering impactive presentations and mastering panel discussions and public speaking.

Headline Media UK works with all sorts of businesses, charities, organisations and individuals across the UK and globally.





Who is Media Training for?

Top Executives

High-level company and organisation representatives, including CEOs, board members and senior managers.

Public Figures

Council, government and other public service spokespeople, politicians, charity representatives.

Experts & Commentators

Project managers, subject specialists, researchers, academics and industry voices.

I have no former media training and it was absolutely brilliant for me as a beginner, but also for my colleagues with more experience.

Elinor Fowler, Heart Research UK

What will I learn?

Our bespoke workshops are focused on helping you to excel in media interviews, growing your confidence across a range of formats.

You’ll get insider insights about the current media environment and how journalists tick.

We’ll teach you interview preparation techniques, how to formulate and communicate key messages and ways to handle tricky questions. You’ll also pick up tips on body language and presentation.

Our training is built around practical learning. Everyone takes part in a series of simulated interviews (we specialise in broadcast and print), with scenarios tailored around individual roles and needs.

Interviews are recorded and played back for expert feedback and analysis. Copies are also provided after each workshop, for internal review and development.

Make the most of your media exposure. Contact us today to discuss your media training requirements.

How journalists think, what they’re looking for

Interview planning and preparation

Key message formulation and communication

Dealing with tricky questions, taking back control

Body language

Presentation techniques

Overcoming nerves and building confidence


Does presenting in front of an audience fill you with fear and apprehension?

Our bespoke presentation skills training helps you overcome nerves and build confidence, to speak with impact in front of both internal and external audiences.

We can also help you master panel discussion contributions, whether in-person or online, as well presenting on camera for communications content such as corporate video.

Our workshops are focused on practical learning, building your presentation skills through a series of realistic simulations.

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