How to make your virtual event a success

The virtual space has been booming since the pandemic, with many of us changing the way we work and previously physical shows and events going online.

Although restrictions have now eased, many of the new trends look like they’re set to stay. 

If you’re thinking about organising an online event, here are some tips on how to make it a success.

What will it look like?

Running an event online is obviously very different to running one in a physical space, like in a conference hall or meeting facility. 

Will it be as simple as getting everyone on a Zoom or Teams call, with a few slides? Or will you have presenters and guests in a studio, with your audience watching remotely? 

Will you include video content? What kind of interactivity will there be with the audience?

You need to think about what you want to include and achieve and then how you’re going to realise it.

How will it happen technically?

If you’re planning to have people in a studio, or you’re livestreaming a meeting or presentation, you need to consider the technical requirements. 

Will you be able to achieve this with internal experts? Or will you need to hire in a specialist team, who can create a studio space with cameras and hook things up to the internet?

It’s not as easy as it seems. You also don’t want your event or presentation to collapse half-way through because the technical aspects have fallen short. 

Who will host the event?

If you’re running an online event, with different speakers and guests involved, you will need to have a host or moderator to lead the proceedings.

A friendly face who holds things together and seamlessly moves everyone from one section of the event to another. 

They are also on hand to lead panel discussions and debates, while also ensuring that your event runs to time.